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Easy Plateau

There was a time when I listened to Ryan Adams religiously.  Song lyrics of his still swirl around in my brain, though his voice is absent from the speakers.  The lyric “I want an easy plateau, some place to rest my head, for awhile” would not leave me alone this past week as I traveled through the mountains in the countryside.  I can take this sentiment very literally – I get carsick like it’s nobody’s business.  But I was also given a beautiful metaphor for my life recently.  I have been traveling a hard road and I am ready to find a place to rest my head. Just for a little while.




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harvest time

These were taken about a month ago while I was traveling.  It is the time for the harvest, and the farmers have received good rain here.  And now, when I go to market, there are large bags everywhere displaying their fruits. There is teff, oilseeds, sorghum, wheat, barley, corn and coffee.

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Quiet Houses

As you drive through my country here, you can see so many different kinds of houses.  I have was used to seeing the mud and rock houses, with corrugated metal roofs in my town.  But when we drove through a significant part of the country to get to the capital city, we passed a variety of people groups with distinct approaches to housing.  These were mostly seen in the country-side and not in the towns.  The workmanship and art that must go into creating some of these wonderful structures is astounding when compared to the quick, dirty, and cheap way a lot of the towns seem to be made up.





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