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Afraid of taking photographs

For the first time in my life I am afraid to take pictures.  At first, I told myself that it was because I needed to experience this culture without being concerned about artistic interpretation.  While that may be partially true, it really just turns out to be fear.  So what is it that I am worried about?  Being culturally irresponsible.  I don’t really know how these people view photography.  No one else has a camera out all the time.  The average person I meet is not used to some white person taking pictures of them and where they live or work or play.  In America, I fit in.  People are used to cameras and photojournalism.  I stick out in Africa and my giant camera does too. I have got to get up the courage and I need to get some more information.  But today, I feel comfortable taking pictures of where I live, inside of my walls, where no one can see me.  So this is what I will share with you – my new place of residence.  And boy, is it sure different than my last.




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