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Easter Glow


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giving might be the best present

Here, as in many third-world countries, ideas about the mentally-disabled are far from modern.  There are many misconceptions about what causes it and what can be done for it.  Many times, the mentally-disabled are shunned or abused; and there are very few nationally-sponsored special programs or education for those with this type of  special need. But things are changing, at least in my little town.  Just this past year, a school opened the area’s first classroom for students with special needs.  The director of this school is adamant about educating parents and the community about the mentally-disabled.  The Center that I am here with is sending its special-needs children to this classroom.  A sponsor of the Center from Australia heard about the school and got together Christmas presents for all of its special-needs students.  I was blessed to be one of the “workers” who got to go and distribute those presents.

The kids were so excited.  They were just so happy to have visitors come to their classroom, but the fact that we had gifts for them was totally amazing.  Kids here don’t receive presents often, if at all, so it was just an extra joy to be able to bless these kids with some.  To give you some idea of how weird this was for them – they had no idea how to deal with the wrapping paper, they had probably never seen anything like it before.  For the most part, we had to open their presents for them.  They didn’t mind, and I didn’t mind much either.







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It’s Christmas! Lets be glad!

So, everyone tried really hard to make it feel like Christmas here.  We had a Christmas baking party, Christmas movie night, school Christmas party with crafts, and we even drank Wassail. The kids seemed to have fun at least…


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Merry Christmas

It was the best I could do.



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giving thanks and cooking from scratch

This year, I think I have more in common with the pilgrims.  I was able to give thanks for being sustained in a new country.  I celebrated with people from a completely different ethnic background from myself.  And I had to make my pumpkin pie without any processed foods.



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It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas

Well, actually, not really. It is in the 70-80s most days and the sun shines for about 12 hours.  The one very interesting thing is that there are poinsettias everywhere.  Not decorating anything though, they grow here, everywhere.  And they are in bloom.  Big red poinsettia trees and bushes set in this context is quite humorous.

They do celebrate Christmas here – granted it is a week later, they still celebrate.  But their celebrations only involve food, eating, and family.  Don’t get me wrong, this is very important in celebrating Christmas.  But when you grow up in America, there is just a little magic associated with all the lights, snow, red and green decorations, presents, trees, angels, music, fireplaces, and special treats.  I guess this year, my Christmas will be as basic as you can get – which is probably close to the heart of the matter anyhow.

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Maybe life isn’t so different

We have to find time to just be us.  Americans.  Who have our own holidays, traditions, and celebrations.  It just takes a little bit more effort over here. So here is a big Happy Birthday to my new littlest brother!

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