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Merry Christmas

It was the best I could do.



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giving thanks and cooking from scratch

This year, I think I have more in common with the pilgrims.  I was able to give thanks for being sustained in a new country.  I celebrated with people from a completely different ethnic background from myself.  And I had to make my pumpkin pie without any processed foods.



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It’s begining to look a lot like Christmas

Well, actually, not really. It is in the 70-80s most days and the sun shines for about 12 hours.  The one very interesting thing is that there are poinsettias everywhere.  Not decorating anything though, they grow here, everywhere.  And they are in bloom.  Big red poinsettia trees and bushes set in this context is quite humorous.

They do celebrate Christmas here – granted it is a week later, they still celebrate.  But their celebrations only involve food, eating, and family.  Don’t get me wrong, this is very important in celebrating Christmas.  But when you grow up in America, there is just a little magic associated with all the lights, snow, red and green decorations, presents, trees, angels, music, fireplaces, and special treats.  I guess this year, my Christmas will be as basic as you can get – which is probably close to the heart of the matter anyhow.

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Maybe life isn’t so different

We have to find time to just be us.  Americans.  Who have our own holidays, traditions, and celebrations.  It just takes a little bit more effort over here. So here is a big Happy Birthday to my new littlest brother!

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New Years in September

A week after I arrived in The Horn, everyone asked if I had my special New Year’s Day Outfit.  New Years?  Wait, you mean in September? Yup.  And there was a special outfit!  The tradition is to wear all white.  Boys wear white suites, girls wear a white dress with a white scarf.  The day before the celebration, we went to the open air market to look for dresses – and I mean there were 8 white women looking for traditional dresses – we definitely drew a crowd.  Though it was an overwhelming experience, it was lovely to participate in something special to that culture.  The dresses come in a few different styles (from very traditional to very modern) but most have an embroidered design down the front that matches your scarf.

It was not only a day for dressing up, but for eating special as well.  Animals were being sold for slaughter all over the city.  The day before the holiday, we saw piles of sheep and goat carcasses all around the city.  But there were feasts to be had by all, and we were so lucky to be invited to a national friend’s house to eat and celebrate.  This consisted of eating some choice ethnic food, drinking homemade special-drinks, a coffee ceremony, and socializing.  We also had the privilege of being photographed around town, seeing as how we were  the Americans-in-traditional-clothing oddity.




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Happy Birthday America

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