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almost here

Baby Girl Davila is on her way.  With her name kept secret, we are all in anticipation to meet this mystery girl.







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mama’s new baby


I came home and met the new and beautiful Bridgette.  In college we nicknamed Alicia “Mama” because she seemed to be the most responsible person our age we knew.  She knew what medicines to take when you didn’t feel well and how you should dress for a job interview.  And now she is a real-life mama.  We are all so happy for her and Chris! Here are some photos we took when Bridgette was just a few weeks old.







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That Guy


For those of you who don’t know who “that guy” is – its Jonathan Shields.  Now I have only known Jon since I have been back in the states but he has already made quite an impression. The kid (and by “kid” I mean that he is the same age as me) is going over to Africa too, so I have been helping him get ready.  At first, I really freaked him out – but now, the feeling has reversed.  Most of our time has been spent with him being absolutely ridiculous and me trying to stay on my toes.  It is exciting.  I haven’t been around that much positivity and energy in a long time.  Refreshing and yet a little tiring all at the same time.  But the kid is a bundle of sunshine and I am so glad that I get to be his friend for this month of overlap in the states.









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waiting on Abby

I had such a wonderful trip visiting my very good friends Ben and Jill.  They are living in the Middle East studying language and waiting to have their first child.  Seeing them was like seeing family.  We talked, joked, laughed, cried, and then ate some really good food.  We decided to take some maternity photos of them in one of the neatest parts of the city.  We were standing on the ruins of the old Roman citadel with the new city filling up the hills in the background.


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shiny happy people

When I think about Jessica, I think about that REM song, “Shiny, Happy People.” She is just joyful all the time with big laughs and immediate hugs.  She and I are very, very different kinds of people – but I think it did us good to be around each other for a while.  Today is her Birthday, so Happy Birthday Jessica!


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Kali from Cali

Kali has chosen to live here in my town and is fairly confident she will live here for the rest of her life.  She gets frustrated with the day to day life about as much as any other foreigner here, but she feels like the community she has made and the life she is creating for her kids makes it worth it.  She loves talking about music, art and culture.  When we get together it is so easy to converse and relate – which is rare thing living  in a culture where there are so barriers – that I have come to very much appreciate her friendship.

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