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things can only get better

The smells of fresh-baked pastries, a confetti of colors, and the sweet anticipation of warm delight – it was my first trip to the doughnut shop in 2 years.  GADS, oh how I have missed you.  The 24hour doughnut shop holds so many memories: from going with my dad on special weekend mornings to studying for finals at 3am.   And now, another generation gets to experience the joy that this little shop bakes.



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Somebody’s gotta live here

Oh Bowling Green…you will always have a special place in my heart.  And as Banjo Bill once sang, “Bowling Green, Bowling Green, Somebody’s gotta live in Bowling Green. Jesus lived in Galilee, so I guess it might as well be me. And here I walk the streets of Bowling Green.”  He then goes on to say that “It is hard to break-up with Bowling Green.”  I have done it once before and it was pretty darn hard.  It is no different now.













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A Crawfish Boil

My family has created a new family tradition.  And I am pretty sure everyone is on board.  I mean, how could you turn down sweet corn, sausage, red potatoes, Cajun seasons, lemons, shrimp, and fresh crawfish.  It doesn’t matter that we have no Cajun ties or history…. Kentucky’s got crawfish and a history of big family gatherings…thats all we need.

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