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glamour and glitz

It was everything I expected and everything I wanted it to be.  One my think that I would be appalled by such sites after living in Africa where mud-huts are the norm – but surprisingly I just felt amazed, maybe bewildered, but not appalled. Versailles was pure ridiculousness – this gilt castle, the extra palaces, the extensive grounds, the make-believe peasant’s cottage.  I could just imagine myself playing a epic game of hide-and-go-seek in a huge ballgown while running through shaped hedges and around Classical sculptures.











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walking through history

This was my reason for coming to Paris.  We had it narrowed down to a few places in Europe.  But when I thought about what I wanted to see if I was never to come back to Europe – the Louvre was it. The chance to see that much art and culture in one place, to be surrounded by all the stuff I study in university, to experience the masters in person – I had to take it.



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first night in Paris


It was like everything I had imagined and more.  All of the stuff I had seen in movies and read about became magnified by the deprivation of Western culture I felt living in Africa.  Walking out of the subway tunnels and seeing sites like this made me want to cry.

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African Castles

A city to the north of us was home to the emperors of the country in the 17th and 18th centuries.  This sort-of imperial city is now in ruins but still commands a magnificent presence.  I just wasn’t expecting to see buildings like this in this area of the world.  A walk through the old castle grounds made for an interesting and very peaceful afternoon.




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just a few more

I still have some photos from my trip in late summer that I haven’t shared…so I thought I would just post them together.  The first set are from the pyramids in Cairo.  I think it was “neat” to be there and see something that is so important in history but, for some reason, the actually experience of visiting the area wasn’t really that awesome.  I am sure the culture is lovely there, but I bet going to see the most tourist-y thing there wasn’t the best example of what Cairo has to offer.  So I am not judging the place as a whole.  (I do have to say, the felafel I had was pretty wonderful.)  The second set of images are from the city center of Amman, Jordan.  Amman was absolutely lovely.  The people were friendly, the city was for the most part accessible, clean, and full of things to do.  I enjoyed walking around in the evening when it was cool and everyone was out socializing and eating.  I have never had so much good food, for so little money, in one place in my life.




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walking far from home

On our last night in Istanbul, I went out by myself and walked around our part of the city.  Late into the evening, people were still gathering together to eat, share stories over drinks, and walk down the promenade. I may have been alone, but it felt like I was a part of something that night.  The city felt alive and really historic at the same time.  The city was young – with all these people living in the moment and having adventures – but you also knew that you were walking down roads and sidewalks where people had been having those experience for hundreds of years.

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The Blue Mosque

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city, we found some peace.

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knocking at your door


all doubts and depression
born of guilt and separation
push your boat aho from the shore
but like a lighthouse beacon
his heart is always seeking
and then He comes a-knocking at your door

-Bill Mallonee

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road to ruin

I visited many Greco-Roman ruins while traveling this summer.  Not only was I struck by the beauty of these antique cities, but by how connected I felt to these ancient people.  We all lived under the same sun and moon.  We all strive to find beauty and truth in the world.  We were all created and looked after.  Seeing the grave yards of these magnificent structures reminded me of the vastness of our world and my tiny place in it.

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how bazaar

Going to the Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar had to be one of the most overwhelming but wonderful experiences in Istanbul.  At certain times, there would be so many people that you couldn’t stop at a shop or booth – you just moved with the flow.  But then you would find yourself alone with no idea how you got to that part of the Bazaar or how to get back to where you came from.  Bright colored lanterns hanging everywhere.  Baskets of spices creating wonderful smells.  Turkish Delights calling to you from across pathways.  Men attempting pick-up lines at every turn. Very, Very different from going to Walmart…well, maybe not the pick-up lines.


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