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After the Rains

The countryside is beginning to change.  The rainy season is officially over and we must prepare to say goodbye to the lushness around us.  Our part of the country has been very blessed this year to receive more than enough rain to water the crops and the many rivers and streams.  In the next few weeks, the landscape will morph from green to brown.  And right when I am finally getting used to my surroundings – I am going to have to adjust all over again.

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view from the falls

This was my first trip outside of the city.  And I cannot express how much I needed to see something besides the city.  I was having a hard time finding something beautiful about my new home.  But to stand on that hill and look at that site was like stepping back in history.  To think about how important the Nile is and was to so many civilizations.  How many travelers for thousands of years have stood where I stood? Goodness.




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out on the farm

The Kentucky country side is the most beautiful land I will ever see.  I have driven through almost every state in this country, and I know that there are some amazing views and picturesque landscapes.  But the tie that I have because Kentucky is my home will trump all other rolling hills, evergreen forests and rocky shore lines.  This weekend I was able to look out at the green Kentucky farmland from the front porch of an old farm house in Cane Valley.  Some of my closest friends met me there to spend a weekend together before I leave.  My heart had a hard time handling the combination of the joy of such love and beauty and the sadness of our soon separation.

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