What I will miss the most

Well, actually, it is probably third, right behind sitting around front porches/ fire-pits with friends, and Sojourn.  Okay, so what comes in third for what I will miss most about Louisville….The Food.  There are restaurants everywhere, and they are locally owned, and there are so many great ones.  Simply Thai, Vietnam Kitchen, The Fish House, Smoketown BBQ, Butterfly Garden, Highland Morning, Ramsi’s, Clifton’s – I could go on forever.  You can find any style – ethnic, American, locally grown, highbrow or down-home.  And what could make a visit to one of these great Louisville treasures better? The company of great friends.  Before I left, I wanted to try a few of the restaurants I had heard great things about but never visited.  Peake, Curtis, and I headed down to Butchertown to visit the critically acclaimed Blind Pig and it definitely lived up to its reputation.


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