yes, I own a safari hat

And everyone thought it was silly of me to buy it.  But you know what, I finally got to go on that safari and I totally rocked that hat.  I will remember this day for probably the rest of my life.  I did not see running wildebeests or watch a lion attack its prey, but, despite the lack of drama, it was still like having an encyclopedia come to life; like I was in the middle of the Discovery Channel.

I saw a great deal of beautiful animals that I wish I could show you through photographs.  I was unable to purchase a zoom lens before I left, so I had to shoot with a 50 mm fixed lens.  While being a great lens for portraits, it does not quite give me the ability to capture animals in their vast landscape well.  Also, add the fact that you are riding – or more correctly, standing – in a topless jeep/van that is traveling off road and bumping up and down like crazy, everything did not look so great on film. But here are a few shots that can give you some idea of what it was like.












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5 responses to “yes, I own a safari hat

  1. Great review! Breath taking photos

  2. bailey

    my favorite is the big deer with the giant horns!

  3. dang….and I’m sure your hat is super cool.

  4. Patti Weber

    beautiful Nanners, I’d like to see the hat though and you!

  5. Janice

    Was this part of your birthday? I’d like to see you, the hat, AND the jeep and driver!

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