farewells already

This is Marcie and me hugging the first of many goodbyes I will have before leaving Africa.  Though, this one is coming extra early.  Marcie is heading home to Florida for 9 months while I will only be in Africa another 8 months.  So this is probably the last time I will see this lovely lady.  Marcie will be fundraising for Grace Center, a women’s and children’s advocacy center.  I partner with the Grace Center, so I have known Marcie since I first arrived here in my town.  She has been such a support and encouragement to me over the last year.  I am going to miss her terribly.  She also means a lot to so many single mothers and orphaned children in our region.  She works everyday to make sure children have food and clothes and that single mothers can find work and a home.  It was good to get together and celebrate Marcie and her wonderful family.





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2 responses to “farewells already

  1. Wow! Thank you Joanna! You are truly beautiful in so many ways, not to mention that you upload photos much faster than me. It usually takes me a few months! We will miss you.

  2. lauren taylor

    prying for you tonight, friend. thankful for marcie and what she does for those beautiful children.

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