Kentucky After Dark

I pride myself on being a Kentucky advocate. I love talking up my home state.  There are so many beautiful things to see and do here that you can only do in Kentucky.  So I felt it was a travesty that I had yet to visit Churchill Downs or see a horse race in general.  So talk about really getting into the “American-swing-of-things!”  My 3rd week back in the states provided me with my first visit to our historic track. Bailey’s birthday extravaganza landed us in the general admission seating for Downs After Dark on the most perfect of themes: Star Spangled Banner Night.  Red, white, and blue was everywhere (along with a fair share of sparkling). We took pride in our country, picked our winners, and watched the storm roll in.  Rain didn’t darken the mood, only the sky.  What a grand night for a horse race.






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