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Maybe life isn’t so different

We have to find time to just be us.  Americans.  Who have our own holidays, traditions, and celebrations.  It just takes a little bit more effort over here. So here is a big Happy Birthday to my new littlest brother!


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Living in Community

In all the craziness that has been the last year of my life, I have had a group of people that have come around me and given me wise counsel, solid support, and much needed laughter.  This group is a mishmash of different backgrounds, philosophies, and life stages.  There is just something awesome about sharing your life with people that are so different than you.  But what we do have in common is the most important thing.  Community Group sure is beautiful.



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welcome to the world

Noah, I have some things I want to tell you. First of all, do you know that your mother has known me longer than any other friend I know now?  Since 1st grade…its true.  We went to elementary school, middle and high school together, and university together.  We have always been very different from one another.  But, the most important things…well, we have those in common and that is what really matters.  I love her and subsequently I love you just as much.

Also, your father is one of the funniest people I have ever met.  I know, he may not seem funny and hip now…but that is only because you cannot appreciate his humor and intelligence yet. Give it time.

Yes, your grandfather will cry at every milestone in your life.  But remember, he is no wimp.  He is just that confident and comfortable in his manhood that he can shead a tear with pride.

Listen to grandma Betty, she knows her stuff.

And when you get older, we will go on adventures.  I will teach you about what good music is and give you the best books to read and show you how to draw beautiful pictures.  But most importantly – I will tell you lots of secrets about mom and dad, I promise.










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A Crawfish Boil

My family has created a new family tradition.  And I am pretty sure everyone is on board.  I mean, how could you turn down sweet corn, sausage, red potatoes, Cajun seasons, lemons, shrimp, and fresh crawfish.  It doesn’t matter that we have no Cajun ties or history…. Kentucky’s got crawfish and a history of big family gatherings…thats all we need.

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vulnerability and sappy professions

As I think about leaving the country, a weight seems to settle on me.  This weight, I think, may signify the dread of loneliness that seems to be inevitable within the context of what I am about to do.  I have made a community here and I am now leaving that community.  Who knows what it will look like in 2 years time.  People will have moved, made different friends, gotten married, had children, fallen out of touch.  The Louisville I will come back to is not the Louisville I will be leaving.  This thought at times is overwhelming.


There is one group of people that I know I can come back to where time, change, failure, achievement, or need will not separate, rift, or break the relationship that we have established.  They may live in different cities, they may live at different stages, but they have stayed my close family for over 5 years now.  I hope that 2 more will be no big deal.

I have taken many portraits of these wonderful people over the years. My aim is to post some of them over the next few weeks.  Here are the first: some images taken of Marissa and Jordan before they got married in 2008.

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