a countryside mother

On my first day visiting the Women’s Center that my job here is connected with, I became awestruck with one of the mothers.  She is a countryside girl that can’t be older than 20 with a little boy just learning how to walk.  I first noticed her bumbling little boy trying to stand up by holding the bench I was sitting on.  His little hand-me-down onesie was ripped and dirty; a once white and fuzzy pajama now a brown worn out daily uniform.  But standing behind this snotty, dirty, little unstable boy was a very proud mother.  She wore a composed and almost regal look, even though she was obviously very poor and maybe without family.  I could not take my eyes off of her face.  She is probably one of the most beautiful women I have every seen.  Here jaw cuts a beautiful line, while the angle of her nose makes the most balanced profile.  Traditional cross tattoos circle around her neck, jaw, and chin adding even more character and distinction.  I have seen her twice since then and  just happened to have my camera with me the last time.  Surprisingly, the shy girl let me take her photograph.  Because of our language barrier, I don’t know her name or her story.  But by photographing her, I was able to communicate with her; form some sort of connection.




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2 responses to “a countryside mother

  1. lauren taylor

    thanks for sharing joanna. prying for you today. love you girl!

  2. Janice

    She IS beautiful! Very regal. As she looks straight into the camera, she reminds me of that Steve McCurry photo of the girl with green eyes – from Afghanistan?

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