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knocking at your door


all doubts and depression
born of guilt and separation
push your boat aho from the shore
but like a lighthouse beacon
his heart is always seeking
and then He comes a-knocking at your door

-Bill Mallonee


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road to ruin

I visited many Greco-Roman ruins while traveling this summer.  Not only was I struck by the beauty of these antique cities, but by how connected I felt to these ancient people.  We all lived under the same sun and moon.  We all strive to find beauty and truth in the world.  We were all created and looked after.  Seeing the grave yards of these magnificent structures reminded me of the vastness of our world and my tiny place in it.

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how bazaar

Going to the Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar had to be one of the most overwhelming but wonderful experiences in Istanbul.  At certain times, there would be so many people that you couldn’t stop at a shop or booth – you just moved with the flow.  But then you would find yourself alone with no idea how you got to that part of the Bazaar or how to get back to where you came from.  Bright colored lanterns hanging everywhere.  Baskets of spices creating wonderful smells.  Turkish Delights calling to you from across pathways.  Men attempting pick-up lines at every turn. Very, Very different from going to Walmart…well, maybe not the pick-up lines.


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cotton castle

Our little road trip into Turkey took us to one of the most interesting natural wonders I have ever seen.  Pamukkale is the site of a hot spring that has been used as a spa since the Greco-Roman times.  The whole hillside is a type of tavertine, with mineral deposits turning everything white as snow.  Pools of water form like terraces down the side of the structure and little streams flow at your feet.


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mint lemonade

Food in Turkey was the best.  Well, it probably isn’t the best, but after you have been eating the food I have been eating for a year, this stuff was gold.  We ate a traditional Turkish breakfast a few times on our trip.  They bring you all kinds of foods in little dishes, designed to be eaten together in different combinations with different types of bread. Most of it was savory: olives, flavorful cheeses, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, salami, peppers.  But there were sweet jams and pastry style bread as well.  One of my favorite parts of the meal would be the mint lemonade.  I mean, it was ridiculously refreshing.



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up against the wall

I traveled to a walled city in the eastern part of the country last week.  It was built this way to protect the inhabitants’ religion.  Now, the city has grown out past the original walls.  We drove around the wall, looking at the many entrances (some just for hyenas to come in at night and eat trash).  We also parked and walked through the small city streets and cobble-stoned alleyways.  The architecture here is different in a way than what I have seen in the rest of the country.  The atmosphere of place was as if time had been standing still for centuries.

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out on a line

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