mint lemonade

Food in Turkey was the best.  Well, it probably isn’t the best, but after you have been eating the food I have been eating for a year, this stuff was gold.  We ate a traditional Turkish breakfast a few times on our trip.  They bring you all kinds of foods in little dishes, designed to be eaten together in different combinations with different types of bread. Most of it was savory: olives, flavorful cheeses, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, salami, peppers.  But there were sweet jams and pastry style bread as well.  One of my favorite parts of the meal would be the mint lemonade.  I mean, it was ridiculously refreshing.




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waiting on Abby

I had such a wonderful trip visiting my very good friends Ben and Jill.  They are living in the Middle East studying language and waiting to have their first child.  Seeing them was like seeing family.  We talked, joked, laughed, cried, and then ate some really good food.  We decided to take some maternity photos of them in one of the neatest parts of the city.  We were standing on the ruins of the old Roman citadel with the new city filling up the hills in the background.


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long time gone

Well, it has been a long time.  I really wanted to update the blog at least once a week, and it seems like I definitely failed this month.  I just ended teaching school 2.5 weeks ago, I have a new house-mate who just flew in from America that I am helping orientate to living in Africa, my old house-mate is leaving to move back to America this week, and I have been moving school buildings.  I will get it together soon, I hope.

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gotta work it out




Yes, this still happens.

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perfect hair

Went to the countryside a few weeks ago and was able to visit some small villages.  I found these women outside of a small hut used as a school.  Maybe they were teachers or mothers, I don’t know.  But they didn’t mind being photographed and loved seeing themselves on the screen afterwards.  While visiting the homes, I haven’t noticed many mirrors or even pieces of mirrors.  I wonder how often they look at themselves…wonder how much that really matters…


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the rains down in Africa

It officially started a few weeks ago.  Hello rainy season!

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American Princesses

Have I mentioned that we get bored frequently here?  Well, we also like throwing parties – so whats better than having a 4th of July Independence Day party where half the guests are not even from America!  We threw a cookout and invited our German, African, Australian, and American friends to celebrate freedom everywhere. Our fireworks were rained-out, but that just gave us extra time to gather inside and sing all of our National Anthems, in the dark (that’s right, our electricity was out).  It was definitely a memorable 4th.


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up against the wall

I traveled to a walled city in the eastern part of the country last week.  It was built this way to protect the inhabitants’ religion.  Now, the city has grown out past the original walls.  We drove around the wall, looking at the many entrances (some just for hyenas to come in at night and eat trash).  We also parked and walked through the small city streets and cobble-stoned alleyways.  The architecture here is different in a way than what I have seen in the rest of the country.  The atmosphere of place was as if time had been standing still for centuries.

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out on a line

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shiny happy people

When I think about Jessica, I think about that REM song, “Shiny, Happy People.” She is just joyful all the time with big laughs and immediate hugs.  She and I are very, very different kinds of people – but I think it did us good to be around each other for a while.  Today is her Birthday, so Happy Birthday Jessica!


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