The Camelot of Africa

I found a guidebook that called this city the Camelot of Africa.  And it makes sense – the city is full of castles.  Well, my photos include zero of these castles…but, see, I needed a title that didn’t specifically state the name of the town, but still reflects the town, so it works fine for me (safety purposes and all…)

These are from my 3rd week here, when I went on a trip to this beautiful old city to visit its churches, high overlooks, and great market.  I had coffee on top of a hill looking over the city, almost got robbed in the market, and found my art history textbooks coming to life in the old churches.  Overall, I think it was a fantastic day.


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  1. lauren taylor

    Glad you’re safe and sound!!! Thanks for sharing our father’s beauty!!

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