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farewells already

This is Marcie and me hugging the first of many goodbyes I will have before leaving Africa.  Though, this one is coming extra early.  Marcie is heading home to Florida for 9 months while I will only be in Africa another 8 months.  So this is probably the last time I will see this lovely lady.  Marcie will be fundraising for Grace Center, a women’s and children’s advocacy center.  I partner with the Grace Center, so I have known Marcie since I first arrived here in my town.  She has been such a support and encouragement to me over the last year.  I am going to miss her terribly.  She also means a lot to so many single mothers and orphaned children in our region.  She works everyday to make sure children have food and clothes and that single mothers can find work and a home.  It was good to get together and celebrate Marcie and her wonderful family.





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mint lemonade

Food in Turkey was the best.  Well, it probably isn’t the best, but after you have been eating the food I have been eating for a year, this stuff was gold.  We ate a traditional Turkish breakfast a few times on our trip.  They bring you all kinds of foods in little dishes, designed to be eaten together in different combinations with different types of bread. Most of it was savory: olives, flavorful cheeses, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, salami, peppers.  But there were sweet jams and pastry style bread as well.  One of my favorite parts of the meal would be the mint lemonade.  I mean, it was ridiculously refreshing.



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It’s Christmas! Lets be glad!

So, everyone tried really hard to make it feel like Christmas here.  We had a Christmas baking party, Christmas movie night, school Christmas party with crafts, and we even drank Wassail. The kids seemed to have fun at least…


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giving thanks and cooking from scratch

This year, I think I have more in common with the pilgrims.  I was able to give thanks for being sustained in a new country.  I celebrated with people from a completely different ethnic background from myself.  And I had to make my pumpkin pie without any processed foods.



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Maybe life isn’t so different

We have to find time to just be us.  Americans.  Who have our own holidays, traditions, and celebrations.  It just takes a little bit more effort over here. So here is a big Happy Birthday to my new littlest brother!

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The Camelot of Africa

I found a guidebook that called this city the Camelot of Africa.  And it makes sense – the city is full of castles.  Well, my photos include zero of these castles…but, see, I needed a title that didn’t specifically state the name of the town, but still reflects the town, so it works fine for me (safety purposes and all…)

These are from my 3rd week here, when I went on a trip to this beautiful old city to visit its churches, high overlooks, and great market.  I had coffee on top of a hill looking over the city, almost got robbed in the market, and found my art history textbooks coming to life in the old churches.  Overall, I think it was a fantastic day.

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What I will miss the most

Well, actually, it is probably third, right behind sitting around front porches/ fire-pits with friends, and Sojourn.  Okay, so what comes in third for what I will miss most about Louisville….The Food.  There are restaurants everywhere, and they are locally owned, and there are so many great ones.  Simply Thai, Vietnam Kitchen, The Fish House, Smoketown BBQ, Butterfly Garden, Highland Morning, Ramsi’s, Clifton’s – I could go on forever.  You can find any style – ethnic, American, locally grown, highbrow or down-home.  And what could make a visit to one of these great Louisville treasures better? The company of great friends.  Before I left, I wanted to try a few of the restaurants I had heard great things about but never visited.  Peake, Curtis, and I headed down to Butchertown to visit the critically acclaimed Blind Pig and it definitely lived up to its reputation.

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